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NEWS (updated 21/08/13)
Maytum Venom
Lovely Zak Maytum has donated lots of rad prizes to the event!
Thanks Venom !!
Im back

We're back with a new date of 23 - 25 August 2013.

Who is ready to ride!

Tech Inspection Tech Inspection
There will a tech inspection of all equipment prior to riding. please ensure that your kit is up to standard otherwise you will not be allowed to ride.

More info to follow...
Freeride Freeride News
There will be freeriding in amongst the racing through out the3 days to allow those who do not wish to race but simply just ride the hill.

Spectators Spectators note
If you are coming to the event as a spectator be it a friend of the rider or just to come along and join in on the action and are planning to camp for the weekend there is a small charge for this.

For £10 you will be able to camp, gain access to the party, free BBQ, reduced food costs Sunday night, and showers for the whole weekend. You will be given a wrist band for this and treated like one of the riders for the weekend. Payment for this will only be accepted on the day.
Car Shuttle Service
Are you coming on the train? The nearest station is Berwick, but this is a bit of a hike to the hill. If you let us know in advance what time you will be arriving, Team Bo Peep will come and get you, please make your arrangements in advance.

Contact Liz at ladiesoflongboarding@googlemail.com If you are interested in this service.
Marshals Marshalls (Volunteer for a discount)
We are actively looking for course marshals and helpers over the event period. We can offer you or your friends/family discounts on the fees and also food & drink during your time working with us. If you are not interested in partaking in the event but would like to come along and help, please do get in touch, help is really welcomed.

To discuss this further please click here to email Liz Kinnish.

!! Important information !!

Bopeep:2011All riders are required to wear full protective equipment.

This is to inlcude a helmet (preferably fullface), knee pads & elbow pads and gloves are a must. Any other protective equipment is optional.
This is to include a full face helmet, leather racing suit and appropriate gloves for your discipline, any other protective equipment is optional.

There will be a Technical inspection during registration, so please bring all required equipment with you.

No protection, No ride. See you on the hill

The course details

Riders List

Distance 0.6 Miles ( 1 km )
Elevation drop +/- 100 meters
Speeds +/- 45mph Standup
+/- 50mph Luge
Time +/- 1 minute
How do I get there ?

The full address for the event is Bopeep Lane, Alciston, East Sussex, England, BN26 6UJ.
(Click on the image below to open in up on Google maps)

The closest train station is Berwick train station, Polegate, East sussex.
It is approximately a 30 minute walk from the train station to the event, so please try and arrange a lift from another competitor. Click the national rail image for further info.
Bopeep:2011 The nearest airport is Gatwick
It is aproximately 40 miles from the event location, which equates to roughly 1 hours travelling time. Click on the plane image to see a route planner to the event location
Camping option

Barley Mow PubThe camping will again be on the grounds of the
Barley Mow Pub, Alciston, East Sussex.

The costs for the camping are included in your entry fee for both the freeride day and also the race. This will also inlcude an evening shower after your days riding (Optional).

Please do not contact the pub directly in relation to the camping.

Should you have any queires please email
Liz Knnish at ladiesoflongboarding@googlemail.com.

Don't want to Camp, here is a list of nearby hotels?

Room prices starting from £40
Avis Road, Alfriston, East Sussex
Premier Inn Newhaven is 7.07 kilometers from Alciston.
[check availability and book online]

Room prices starting from £50
Hailsham Road, Polegate, Polegate, Polegate, East Sussex
Premier Inn Eastbourne (Polegate) is 7.44 kilometers from Alciston.
[check availability and book online]

Room prices starting from £49
Lower Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex
Boship Farm Hotel is 8.04 kilometers from Alciston.
[check availability and book online]

Room prices starting from £41
Brighton Rd, Lewes, East Sussex
Newmarket Inn is 12.65 kilometers from Alciston.
[check availability and book online]

Room prices starting from £48
191 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex
Crown Inn is 9.42 kilometers from Alciston.
[check availability and book online]

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