Every year the International Gravity association hosts a series of races all over the world with each course testing the riders skills and ability. Each time you enter one of the races you get a ranking and the more races you can enter and the better posistions you are able to obtain will dictate your world ranking. I have been racing for a few years now in both the Street Luge and also classic luge events. Here are my rankings for the last few years of me racing:

Year Sport World Ranking
2010 Street Luge 4th
Classic Luge 14th
2009 Street Luge 3rd
Classic Luge 2nd
2008 Street Luge 10th
Classic Luge 9th
2007 Street Luge (UK Champ) 9th
Classic Luge 10th
2006 Street Luge 36th
Classic Luge 24th
2005 Street Luge 40th
Classic Luge 30th

Travelling the world racing has its perks but it can be very expensive. Luckily I have severl sponsers who help me out with equipment to lighten the cost of everything. Currently I am sponsered by:

Seismic skate systems manufacture some of the best wheels available to date, I have been using them for some time now.
Worcester college of techology have supported me from the begining
Dangerous Decks are based in East London and make quality handmade longboards and buttboards (Classic Luge's).
Email: Streetluger@lugeschool.co.uk | Contact number: 07752 638 944 | Contact form
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