Hello my name is Will Stephenson and I am the founder and owner of Luge School.

I started riding in 2002 after buying a skateboard and realising that you can go faster simply by sitting down. The official name for sitting on your skateboard is called "Classic Luge" but amongst the various gravity sports it is more commonly known as "Buttboarding".

After a few years of riding around in my local area with friends I was introduced to Streetluge. This was with the help of the fastest jet powered streeluge world record holder, Joel King. Whilst learning to luge I continued with my education at Worcester college of technology who then sponsered me.

In October 2004 I did my first ever competative race at the "White Air festival" on the Isle of Wight and have since then raced at over 25 World Cup races all over the world.

In 2009 I was clocked at 80.39 mph at the Brazilian World cup in Teutonia, I later went on to win that race which was my first at professional level.

When I first started in this sport it was very difficult for me to find places and equipment to race, I am very much self taught. I then began Luge School in order to teach people properly allowing them to feel the 'buzz' you get when street luging and how to do it with minimal risk. This will save you having to take the risks that I did early on in my luge career. Overall there is a lack of facilities and equipment in the UK but not anymore !!

Email: Streetluger@lugeschool.co.uk | Contact number: 07752 638 944 | Contact form
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