Bopeep:2011 Crash & Burn

Streetluge is an exhilarating extreme sport which very easy to learn. Once you have the basics down it gives you a chance to have loads of fun. Beginners can expect anywhere from 20mph to 30mph with advanced riders exceeding 80mph. Using the power of gravity alone the idea is to be the quickest down the hill be it alone or in a pack of racers. Courses can range from long mountain roads to city streets, many miles in length to only a few hundred meters. All will challenge the rider's skill when pitted against fellow athletes.

I have setup Luge School with the aim being to offer people the chance to experience the thrill of Streetluge in a in a safe and professional setting. I have been racing for a few years and have competed all over the world like The United Sates, Australia, Europe and also Brazil. I have been ranked in the top 10 for streetluge since 2007.

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See you on the hill,

Will Stephenson
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